From Beneath You It Devours

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Again released by a label I've never heard of and can't find any information about (Long Way Records), "From Beneath You it Devours" is the debut full-length outing from Seattle duo Same-Sex Dictator. Apparently having only heard one of the band's songs before on the split 7" with Requin was but a partial representation of what they have to offer. Those dense, powerviolence-like bass runs, burly low-end grunts, and bitter midrange snarls are certainly a dominant factor; but there are also a lot of weird, spaced-out effects and ambient pulses that lend a fucked up prog rock vibe to material ("Beyond Thee Anti-Lord Beat" even unloads some ripping solos completely out of nowhere) – not to mention a few quiet, spacious breaks where subtle percussion work becomes the focus. For some reason I keep expecting the songs to come in short bursts that hone in on the band's more explosive side, but in fact most of the compositions are four to five minutes long. Hell, "Turning State's Evidence" hits damn near seven minutes and is probably the album's most powerful track, complete with an unexpectedly epic intro that's much darker and more emotional in tone. This tune in particular covers a lot of ground, and is probably your best bet for getting a feel for the "big picture" with these guys. --From